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Hey there, Slam! I'm tumbling through some of the relationship threads and thought I'd stop by here; I can see possibly relationships between our characters. Hear me out and see what you think ^.^

Nate: Both of my kids would know Nate XD

In terms of Lani, she'd most notably know him through classes (because they're in the same grade) and through swim team. Lani would be able to sympathise and empathise with Nate on his feelings of anxiety and insecurities, for Lani was initially outcast by her pairs because she wasn't exactly like they were. I feel like this has the potential to pull the pair close, and his clinginess wouldn't deter him from her, she'd read it as Nate allowing himself to show his vulnerability. I reckon there's potential here.

As for Juniper, her and Nate share a mutual interest in theatre. She's a friendly and relatively kind soul, and I don't see her disliking Nate. Juniper herself can have quite a clingy nature, so his clinginess wouldn't irritate her.

Vanessa: Lani probably wouldn't know Vanessa, unless she ran into her at a party (which Lani doesn't really frequent because of her experiences with alcohol), so even then, it mightn't be very well. Lani might get irritated by her entitled nature, and may even be jealous of her ability to hold a less than positive reputation but still mesh well with others. I think there could be a neutral acknowledgement here, or dislike if Vanessa's disposition would generally oppose Lani's.

I don't think there's much interaction going on between Vanessa and Juniper. Might she purchase body cosmetics from the store that Juniper works at? Aside from that...they're in the same grade.
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