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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury from holy hell when was the last time I actually wrote Jerry Fury))


Jerry had vaulted onto the top of the picnic table and laid out on top of it, envisioning the stunt as looking really cool in his head. He didn't have anybody to record it for him and play it back but, darn it, he was positive it was cool. Would be nice to double check but he was just going to have to go with it.

Why did Jerry Fury, grade-A badass and easily the most popular kid at Cochise High (if you asked anybody named Jerry Fury and any of various trusted sources, that is) decide to vault upon this particular picnic table and lay across it like an asshat? Why, the answer to that question was simple. Darius wanted the table, had been at the table a minute or so ago when Jerry first caught sight of him, and it looked like Darius was drumming up a few people to come hang out. Jerry hadn't been invited, but he just happened to be walking by with nothing better to do... so sure, why not? By the time the scraggly-haired senior actually caught up Darius had headed off somewhere, but he was on his way back so... cool. Whatever.

Jerry laid flat on his back and turned his head towards Jeremy, the only person who was currently AT the bench at this present point in time. "Yo!" Jerry blurted out. "Choo guys up to? This some sort of homework study group or what?" He flipped his head back (and realized he was making himself just the slightest bit dizzy in doing so), realizing Darius wasn't that far away at all... and he was talking to that stick of a girl, Fee-or-ee or whatever her parents decided to name her. He mostly just knew her because, for a girl, she was pretty damn tall. Like, damn, taller than him. Not that he was the tallest guy in the world.

He got the inkling of an idea that unless Darius was this needlessly uptight about EVERYTHING (and that was a distinct possibility that couldn't entirely be thrown out), this probably wasn't a study group. Nonetheless, the boy sat up and remained seated atop the picnic table with legs crossed and a goofy smile on his face.

Might as well see how this all plays out. He had nothing better to do.
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