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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Oh, wait. There was Darius. Jeremy looked up from his journal. He was talking to a girl from his year; Fiyori, it seemed. Jeremy knew her. Little loopy, little snarky, liked to party; Jeremy remembered her being at the party he went to the other night. Anyway, Darius kinda just gave him a hand signal and turned back to Fiyori. Jeremy guessed that Darius wanted him to stay here, which was fine by him. So long as this wasn’t like, a prank where he made Jeremy waste his lunch sitting on a ben- wait no that would be fine as well, Jeremy had the journal to put his focus on. Only real situation that would get him to leave was if like, Cadeyn or Adelaide came. Other than that he’d totally be fine with whatever happened.

For now though, Jeremy focused back on his journal, clicking his pen and pressing it against the paper. He then placed his hand above the paper; the sun was beating down on it and reflecting light right into Jeremy’s eyes, which kinda made it hard for him to see what he was writing. Now that he had shade, he started to write.

So today I’m writing this outside since Darius chased me during Maths and told me to wait here during lunch.
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