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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from Be Like The Bluebird))

Hi! I’m Jeremy. I made it a new year's resolution of mine to keep an accurate journal of what I did during 2015. Mostly to help with my writing skills. If I write down how I feel about things then I might be better at remembering them so I can be better at having characters react to things realistically. I hope that this actually works out, although knowing me I’m probably going to forget about this by March. Here’s hoping I don’t, though!

Jeremy was on the bench, flipping through the pages of his journal. His new year's resolution was actually going pretty good so far; he hadn’t forgotten about it yet, and it wasn’t a chore for him to write in it. If he was bored, either in class or during lunchtime, he could open it up, start writing, and the time flew by. It made many a boring maths class actually bearable. Didn’t really help with his writing skills that much, but it was nice to have somewhere to write down his feelings. He flipped to the first empty page, and was about to start writing. He’d probably get a sentence or two down before Darius came back and explained what the fuck was actually going on.

Basically, what happened was when he was trying to break free of his Maths class when the bell rang when Darius came up behind him and asked him to go to the Green Belt while he got some other people. Darius was kind of an asshole, but he actually seemed kinda distressed so Jeremy decided to be nice and do as Darius said. It wasn’t like he had anything else to do anyway. Plus, it allowed a little bit of time to himself to write some stuff down. He went to his pockets, and took a pen out. He tried to think of a neat way to introduce his entry.
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