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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Skeletons and Spaghetti]]

So Fiyori was walking around the ground, as students tend to do. A stick in her mouth - no, not a cigarette, a lollypop. Either way, she was walking around the ground, playing it cool. But there were foot steps behind her. Approaching. Now, Fiyori didn't claim to be some clairvoyant, but she kinda had a hunch.

Not a big one, just a really small one. Actually, no. It was kinda a bigger one, because - oh yes he was here.

"Oh... hey Darius. How may I help, pal?"

She smirked at him. Tried to make it friendly. Darius looked surprisingly fresh, energetic even. You know, for how knocked-out he'd been. Honestly, she was a bit astonished.

Fiyori cracked the lollypop's head in two, gulped the pieces down and threw the straw at the nearest trash can. It missed. She pondered to pick it up, but she'd rather see what Darius got for her.
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