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Candice smiled at Danny, and moved away from the counter for a bit. Ah, ice cream. Candice was looking forward to lazing about for the rest of the day, maybe skyping some friends, but not really doing much. While there were a few projects that still needed to be finished in a few weeks, and a few chores to be done, overall, it was a pretty easy day for Candice.

Hearing Oskar say hey to her, Candice turned around and waved. "Oh, hi Oskar!" While she didn't know Oskar all that well, Candice thought he was fairly nice, if a bit overexcited at times. Then, she saw Isaac.

While it wasn't as if Candice would kill Isaac in a heartbeat, but mainly from hearsay, he seemed to be a pretty big a-hole. Not that Candice would ever confront somebody about that, but Isaac would definitely not be part of her facebook friend list. Then, Candice took out her phone, and started to check Instagram. It didn't seem like there was a lot to do other than that, so she started to lean against the wall and scrolled through the pictures.
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