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Today in chat, I challenged Gianni (General Goose) to a little challenge. Each of us is to create a character in MUGEN using the Fighter Factory tool. I just realized that I'd really like to get more people in on this, especially those who may not have tinkered with this tool before (I'm a first timer despite my rampant interest in fighting games AND my status as an aspiring game designer).

What is MUGEN?
Mugen, MUGEN, M.U.G.E.N... whatever you call it, Mugen is an 'open source' fighting game engine that lets you create your own characters, system or edit existing ones. There's a large community for it on the internet and plenty of documentation on the project, and can be downloaded HERE.

What is Fighter Factory?
While it's possibly to do hardcode editing in Mugen, think of Mugen as the game you're 'programming' a character for, and Fighter Factory is the tool you use to do it. In short, it's a visual tool that allows users to easily and intuitively create the fighting game character of their dreams (or nightmares). There are plenty of tutorials to follow and I'll be learning alongside Gianni and anybody else who wishes to partake in this project. It can be downloaded HERE.

What are the rules?

- We'll be starting at an undetermined date, likely the end of January/beginning of February. You have until that time to sign up.
- The duration of the challenge is two months. The challenge ends on March 31st and finished characters should be posted by then.
- The character has to be made from scratch. No sprite edits. No character edits. You can use pre-existing characters as references and help but you cannot copy them. Instead, use them as inspiration.

No previous experience with MUGEN or Fighter Factory is required. No drawing ability is required, either; god knows I don't have any, so I know my character's going to look like a demented scribble. There are no winners or losers outside of completion. If you made a character that works, you win.

Sign ups are open until the start of the challenge! (Edited this from 'contest'. This is not a contest, we're not competing against each other, only ourselves)

Current participants:
- Myself
- Gianni
- Slam
- RC
- Bikriki
- Darkus
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