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((Darius Van Dyke continued from Genki Shojo Nancy-Chan))

Darius was pissed. But the piss was a mix of worry and anger. The anger was directed at himself for being irresponsible, but also partly at the other people for not stopping him for being irresponsible. The thing he was worried about were all the tracks he had finished and that he couldn't play the tracks he had anymore.

That night, music was stuck in his head. Now, music was stuck in his head as well. That night, it was party music, this time it's saxophones. Damn it, Detective Conan, you're such a weirdly good anime. Just the ears being located at the necks was shitty.

Detective Darius had to gather the witnesses. It was the only thing that troubled his mind right now. And getting it back was the only thing that could ease it.

He was in the school, the witnesses he had lure were also here.

Waiting at the picnic table, he planned. He had seen Fiyori today, where was she? He'd find her.

Anyway, Darius pulled out his phone and messaged somebody, not Fiyori. A person who was also there, at the party. Caedyn.

[Hey please come to the green belt. Im waiting at a picnic table]

Caedyn had to know what had happened to his baby.

So Darius waited at the picnic table to wait for Caedyn, until he saw somebody. A tall girl. It was Fiyori? Or was it? How many tall girls are here at Cochise? For fuck's sake, he had to go to her. She was there.

And with that he left the picnic table to search for Fiyori, who he thought he'd seen.
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