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((Breaking post order to move this along, sorry Rugga))

Alba went and got the frosting out of the fridge. Alvaro wasn’t really sure when she put it in the fridge, but it was a pretty good idea. It’d prevent the frosting from melting and it would provide a pretty neat contrast to the heat that the cake probably had. Man, he couldn’t wait to have the cake. It looked and smelled delicious, and there weren’t many foods that could do that and taste disgusting. Of course, there was potato bake, but from what he could remember potato bake was the exception, not the rule.

Alba had the frosting out, and he didn’t really know where Andrew was. Considering that Alba made the frosting, it seemed a little fair that she got to decorate it. Plus, this was supposed to be a team job, and there wasn’t an “I” in “team” after all.

“Do you wanna decorate the cake?”
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