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((Memories, all alone in the moonlight, co-staring Isaac Breasand))

The chances of being struck by lightning out of the blue were something like one in a million, if he was remembering the random shit he read on the internet right. Isaac was liking those odds right about now. It was a better chance than this book report bullshit actually going well. Maybe that wasn't fair, but Jae was a testy asshole, he was a slacker, and Alvaro...maybe the kid was an egghead, he honestly didn't know anything about him other than "that kid whose family maybe owned a cafe or something."

Spoiler alert for the kids watching at home: Isaac had not read the book they're supposed to be reporting on. He didn't even remember the title. But that was fine, it probably wasn't important. He'd wing it until one of them mentioned something and just kinda go along with it as much as possible. Just the simple way to do things that didn't matter, really.

He finally made his way into the library and spotted the two of them together at a table, looking about as happy as usual. Was he late? He was probably late. He didn't rush to make it or anything. Maybe if he played it cool, they wouldn't notice or make a fucking hassle out of it. He slid up to the table and sat down with a glance to both of them. "Sup?"
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