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(Sorry for the delay, guys. Just been busy for a while.)

Jonathan caught the goggles with his hands and he put them on. He grinned at Alex. "Thanks, man. Yeah, getting hurt would really suck." He nodded as he did a glance over the knives and brushes. He decided that he wouldn't use them. He didn't want to go psycho with them. Even if they were fake. Ha, ha, psycho. All he really remembered from that Psycho film was the famous shower scene. He was starting to get lost in his thoughts before Alex mentioned that they should wait to see if anyone else will come. "It wouldn't be that bad if no one else showed up. We can still just do this with the three of us. Hide and seek, huh? Knowing me, I'll possibly with the first one out."

Jonathan tilted his head slightly at Michael's words. "I don't mind if this place is abandoned. It's quiet and spooky. Maybe we could have a camp fire here and tell creepy ghost stories to each other one day. Wouldn't that be cool?" He was actually liking that sound of that. Wait. What if Alex didn't like that kind of stuff? He should check first. "Unless you're not into that kind of thing, Alex. Then you don't have to."

Jonathan was cringing at what Michael was saying about British horror movies but he wasn't going to comment on it. He didn't want to argue about what movies were good or bad. It would be childish. So he just pulled a pouty face and then Michael was now changing the subject.

"What would you call the movie? If it would be like a teen slasher in the '80s. Then how about 'Paintball Horrors'? No, 'Abandoned Place of Death!' Wait, no! How about 'The Stranger Of Abandonment'?"

Jonathan realized that he was getting side-tracked by this conversation. Whoops. He shouldn't forget why they were really here. "Sorry about that Alex. So how long should we wait? Or should we just get into it soon?" He asked curiously. He was just itching to get started.
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