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"O-Oh my," Coleen stammered, though laughter was splashed in with her words. There was an awful lot to take in even in the small environment that was Cameron's basement. Her eyes settled on the stack of CDs that Cameron had pointed to before, trying to remember as many of the band names as had been rattled off. Witch Mountain, Mastodon... something... the rest became a jumble in her head, but she stepped over to the pile and began idly sifting through.

"Really though, um, I don't mind. I know I have a lot of catching up to do to get up to you guys. I haven't heard of Scott Walker either," Coleen added, picking up one of the CDs that she was to listen to as though it were her homework. It was marked 'The Sword'. "I know these are supposed to give me an idea about your style, but since you mention it... um, I could give the mix tape a listen. Do you want me to emulate the vocals too or...?"

She trailed off, standing up and looking over the group with clasped hands.

"I'm, u-uh, super glad that you considered me for this, by the way. I won't let you down."
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