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Bryony folded her arms, gripping hold of herself tightly, each hand clutching their opposite upper-arm. As much as she appreciated Alice being there, as much as she appreciated the help, she couldn’t quite find it in herself to look at her friend. She still didn’t feel like she could say this to someone other than herself.

What had Bethany said to her?


It was a lazy afternoon. Bryony had managed to snag the TV in the living room before either Beth or Jake could get there. The Amazing Race was airing, and whilst Bryony was happy to watch it on her laptop, it was nicer on a larger screen, in better quality than the… dubious sites she was forced to use. Currently, the show was focusing on one of Bryony’s favourite teams, a bisexual couple. They were currently talking about, via confession camera, when they discovered they were bi, and how it had affected them. Every word they said resonated with Bryony.

“Ugh. Gross.”

Bryony jumped in her seat, turning to look towards the doorway. She hadn’t heard Bethany enter the room over the sound of the TV. Before Bryony could reply, her sister carried on.

“Like, do they have to parade it around everywhere? Like, jeez, we get it. They should just pick one and shut up about it.”

Something about her sister’s words hit Bryony hard. Slowly, she found what she wanted to say, dreading the worst.

“Pick… pick one what?”

“Those gay people who call themselves ‘bisexual’. They need to pick whether they like guys or girls. They’re just doing it for attention.”

“No they’re not. It’s an actual thing.”

Bryony instantly realised she’d said that far too quickly. The anger that had clouded her senses was fading quickly, and Bryony was returning to her normal self. For her part, Bethany looked thoroughly unimpressed.


“Y-yeah. They… they, um, are…”

Bethany sniffed derisively. The two sisters looked directly at one another. Bryony was too terrified to look anywhere else. She couldn’t read Bethany’s face at all. Did she suspect something? There was no way she could know, not from one innocuous statement, surely? Bryony waited with baited breath for her to continue.

“Why do you care so much, anyway?” she finally said.

“I… um… have friends that are… uh…”

Bethany interrupted Bryony with a harsh laugh.

“Whatever. Well, at least they’ll actually get a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever.”

The memory played in Bryony’s head as clearly as if it was happening before her eyes. It was trying to break free of the confines of her mind, trying to make itself known to the outside world.

Bryony wouldn’t let it. She couldn’t tell anyone. Not yet. Not ever, if she had to. Not until she felt totally safe that no-one would judge her and hate her for things outside of her control.

Bryony still had something to tell Alice though. Bethany hadn’t finished there.

“She, um… she told me ‘chances of you getting a boyfriend are non-existent.’” Bryony mumbled. “She told me nobody would ever care about me if I spent so much time indoors. That I was embarrassing to be around.”

Bryony looked up, straight at Alice, tears in her eyes.

“That’s… that’s everything I’ve been trying to avoid… that’s what I’m most scared of, and I… and…”


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