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Things were going really well. That fact alone was something of a surprise to Cameron. It wasn't a secret that to be in a band you needed to have a big personality; you were going out on stage to perform after all. Surprisingly though everyone was taking to Coleen well, even the fact that she was a singer hadn't caused any drama. Cameron suppressed a grin, everything was going perfectly.

"Giving BB free reign to suggest music? That's a mistake." She shook her head in mock disappointment. "One day people will learn that's an awful idea." Without moving from where she was Cameron pointed to a stack of CD's that were located near BB. "Over there we've got some albums by Kylesa, Witch Mountain, The Sword, Baroness and Mastodon. It's just something I threw together after hearing you sing." She shrugged. "You can take them home to listen to, get an idea of the style we play. Also our demo tape is in there somewhere." Cameron scratched her chin idly as she thought. "I think there are also some videos on Facebook and YouTube as well."

Cameron shrugged and laughed. "I dunno, I didn't organise this well."
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