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"Yeah man, I feel you, it's a better party when there's more in it." Michael nodded, his fingers tapping the bag of paintball gear at his side. Anxiously, he looked towards the group in front of him then towards the abandoned paintball arena. He'd turn his vision back to the group again. "Gettin' pretty hyped though, ready to go at it like I was Max Payne." He'd laugh and imitate the quintessential two pistol slow motion dive that's prevalent in that particular series. Jus' hopin there ain't a rusty nail to land on in there, don't wanna get a tinnitus shot, heard those fuckers sting like a beyotch!"

After he gave a nervous laugh, he followed. "So uhhh, by the way, how long's 'dis place been abandoned anyways?" He looked at the arena chuckling. " 'Coz in all honesty, it looks like the place where a buncha' dumb teenagers like us get gutted by some deformed hillbilly in a mask."

Hey, might as well start up a conversation to hide the fact you're pussybitching over hypothetical rusty nails right?

"I mean, it'd be kinda uneventful if it's just us three, coz then the movie wouldn't be too long, but y'know, maybe they could get creative or somethin' aheh. Has there ever been a paintball themed movie? Fuck I'd watch it. So long's it ain't British. British people can't make horror movies. Cept like, twenty eight days later, but even then the sequel sucked ass, y'know, hahaha." He actually had to think about how many British movies sucked in all honesty. It was hard to come up with multiple examples, outside of some obscure low budgets in the back of his head. "Well, there was that one zombie movie in like the 80's. BrainDead or whatever. That one was pretty good. It uhh, it had like weaponized lawnmowers and ninja preachers." Well shit, he really couldn't think of that many bad horror films he's seen that were made it in the great UK.

''Guess Brit movies aren't all that shit, still not as good as ours though. I mean, it WAS back in the VHS days, and I don't know of a shit movie during the VHS days." Ok, enough reminiscing about the decade you weren't even born on, it was like, thirty or forty years ago, he thought to himself. He quickly brought himself back to the subject at hand.

"But yeah, this place would be a pretty cool set up for a horror film, even if OSHA would kick the director's ass for filmin' here."
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