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Ouch. Jae just flat out said no. That wasn’t a good sign for Alvaro. Maybe Jae didn’t want to be here. He probably didn’t want to be with him and wanted to let it be known right away. Did Alvaro do anything, though? Did he mess up? He wasn’t sure. Could be that Jae was normally like this to everyone? No, probably not. Those people don’t actually exist outside of fiction, right? No, it was probably something that he did. Something he said that put him on Jae’s bad side without him ever realising it. But if he did it to Jae how many other people could he have pissed off without knowing? Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod. He’d have to look back, think about who he talked to today while on his shift.

Although it could just be Jae. He kinda looked threatening; taller than Alvaro, dressed mostly in black. Admittedly, he looked kinda scary. Alvaro just nodded at Jae and sat in his seat, waiting for Isaac.
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