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"Oh, we got these," Alex said, pulling out several rubber-bladed knives and a few brushes. "In case you wanna get sneaky with it. I'm fine with saying knife-stab rules are same as bullet rules. Course, once we start getting paint on us, gonna be a lot harder to enforce." Michael talked about not wanting to actually hit anyone. "I hear that. Don't wanna knock you guys out cold." He did a couple playful punches in mid-air, miming Rocky's training montage.

Fern asked to borrow his goggles. Alex laughed and tossed them over. "Not a problem," he said. "Don't want anyone getting really hurt out here. It's all in good fun." He left the knives and brushes where they were, in case either of them wanted any. He checked the time on his phone. "I wanna wait a bit, make sure no one else turns up," Alex said. "If they don't, we'll do it like hide-and-seek. We'll set our timers, go out there, and when they go off it's game on. Sound good?"
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