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Sammy and Jeremy talked more about books and stories, so Jerry doozed off.

And guess what happened? Webber came. Aw. It would have been cooler if another teacher would've come into the room and would've said 'well, today Ms. Webber is not here, so you all you're free from school for an hour'.

Jerry was glad that he was in the class room before Webber was. Come to think of it, it reminded him of the time where he went to the toilet and when he returned to class, he realised that was in the wrong class, a class full of seniors in it. After he crashed the class awkwardly he just thought 'Damn', said 'Oh, sorry' and went away.

And when Ms. Webber began to teach, Jeremiah doozed off.

((Jeremiah Larkin continued in Bring Sally Up. Bring Sally Down.))
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