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“Yeah. It’d certainly be nice to actually get something new out there.” Samuel seemed to actually be a little bit more than an ok dude. Still didn’t really know what his hobbies were but they didn’t really need to match hobbies to be friends. So long as someone was pretty cool he could probably become friends with them.

And then another person came through the door. Another late person? Maybe, although- aww man it’s Miss Webber this conversation was actually pretty interesting. He frowned a bit. So much for making a new friend. Why was it that whenever he was getting close to it something had to interrupt him? His parents interrupted him with Ty and now the teacher was interrupting him with Samuel. Jerks. He turned his head back towards Samuel.

“We should probably talk about this after class. If you want to, anyway.”

He turned his head back towards the front of the class, putting his notebook back in his bag to get ready for class. English with Adelaide. Fun.

((Jeremy Frasier continued in Be Like The Bluebird))
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