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I think Ems and Jennifer would talk to Alvaro while he's there! Jennifer's not a super-chatty person, but she would probably speak up if she, say, recognizes him from school. And sweet, she appreciates good coffee. As for Ems, she's more chatty.

And I guess that means Ems and Jeremy wouldn't mind each other that much, then? Sweet.

Sounds good re:Jennifer and Jeremy. I kind of forgot about the SF4 thing with Junko though, but now I remember! Yay!

Junko doesn't work at her mom's restaurant, but she has a lot of appreciation for it. I don't see her hugely pursuing a rivalry, but I think she'd acknowledge that Vacanti's is a competitor and react accordingly. Maybe a bit of "Ew, Vacanti's" each time it comes up? And... hm, what would Alvaro's thoughts be?

I think that for the most part, Junko would be simply ":/" towards Ben. She wouldn't be too outspoken about her opinion unless he said something blatantly homophobic. Then she'd tear him a new one. I think otherwise, though, she'd be sarcastic and generally give off "Don't like you" signs.

I think if Ben ever does end up saying something inappropriate about any of the other Luz kids, Ems would go "Hey, cut that out". She'd try to be polite about it, but it would leave a sour taste in her mouth. How much so would depend on how bad it was and whether or not it was that hurtful.

(sorry about the late reply)

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