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Alvaro Vacanti rushed himself towards the school library as fast as he could, weaving his way through the other students. He kinda wished that they’d move a little bit quicker; sure, it was raining outside, but he needed to get to the library and they were moving at a snail’s pace, which was annoying. Some people weren’t even walking at all, they were just standing in the halls blocking the way, which was even more annoying. Wasn’t it against school rules to be inside buildings? Maybe there was an exception if it was raining, or something. It’d be mean if students had to stand out in the rain for long periods of time, so it was understandable. Still inconvenient for anyone trying to get somewhere, though.

So Alvaro power walked through the hallways as swiftly as he could, apologizing to anyone and everyone he accidently bumped into. He and the rest of his math class had been held back by Miss Maureen Brown, because there were some jocks in the back row being too loud or something. It wasn’t really that fair, but he didn’t complain, even though it was actively breaking the Geneva convention. He probably would have been held back for longer if he had protested, anyway. At least he was one of the first that Mrs Brown let go though, so he didn’t waste too much time; but being held back when he had to go work on a group project with a couple other people was really inconvenient. It wouldn’t help his image to them, either. Alvaro Vacanti, always shows up late. He hoped that that wasn’t what they thought of him.

Alvaro turned the last corner, and finally made it to the school library. As soon as he caught his breath, he put his bag down on the floor, taking out his laptop and school binder and placing them where he could hold them. Then he walked into the library. It was warm, crowded; not a surprise considering the rain. The library tended to be packed with people who didn’t normally come here when it was raining, which made it hard for him to get a spot by himself, although today it seemed to be a lot less crowded than usual. He looked around, trying to find the table where his group was.

It turned out that he was the second one here. Min-jae Parker was sitting on one of the tables, by himself. He wasn’t really someone Alvaro knew; goth person, didn’t go to the cafe. He was probably a nice person, though. He moved over to the table, waving over at it.

“Heya, Min-Jae! Sorry I’m late, Mrs Brown kinda kept us in late. Did anyone else arrive?”
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