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Kay, so Coleen was nervous. Fine, no big deal, meeting people wasn’t always easy for everybody, and better that she be a little on edge than acting like she already owned the place. If Cams was trying to bring someone like that into the circle, there would be some serious eyebrow raising going on. Being a little eager to please was much better, by comparison.

Coleen’s preferred style of music did little to wow Vanessa, though. From what she was hearing Coleen was just into preppy artsy stuff, rather than anything that really stuck with you. Hopefully she wasn’t a drama geek looking to look a little bit edgier by moving in on the Coyote's cred, because if she was then she was going find herself in way over her head as soon as they started getting really real.

Whatever, at least she said she was open to new stuff. Again, better to want to get along than say that she was deciding on the band’s new direction.

She had to wonder, though: where had Cams found Coleen? Couldn’t have bumped into her after a gig: Vanessa doubted that Coleen stuck around longer than five minutes at a house party, much less been to the other spots they played at. So what, had Cams been hanging around theatres when she wasn’t looking?

Actually, she was probably better off if that was the case. School had done a great job of killing her interest in drama and plays and all that shit after the fortieth deconstruction of Shakespeare's work, so she wouldn’t complain if she’d been spared sitting through two hours of “Wherefore art thou Romeo”.

So, all that left was Coleen’s weapon of choice on the stage, which was her voice, apparently, since she was a singer.

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