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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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From the forced mood in here, he was starting wonder if he'd wandered into an ice cream parlor, or a funeral parlor. He'd ask who died, but he had a pretty good idea that it was everybody's good mood sometime after the heel of his shoe found it's throat in the doorway.

Whatever. He could play that up, but he wasn't in the mood to fuck around with the Thirsty Twins today, at least not when Danny was messing with his food. That was a line he tried not to cross most of the time, given all the ways he could think of offhand for someone to ruin food in a bad mood. Most of them would be pretty hard to pull off here, but why take the risk?

Isaac walked up to the counter, trying to ignore the other patrons as best he could to keep his eyes on the prize. He leaned in and tapped on the glass idly as he looked around, bobbing his head as he glanced between the flavors. "Chocolate chip cookie dough," he clipped out before raising his head with an equally fake, shit-eating grin to match Danny's, "when you get a sec."
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