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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Inspi- ... o-oooooh..."

Here she was feeling like a prude, because Coleen wasn't exactly the kind to get herself mixed up in drugs. Maybe they wouldn't force her to do any? She sincerely hoped so, because Cameron certainly seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't force her to get mixed up in anything they didn't want to. The allure of spending time with a brand new group of friends and maybe even making something productive out of it was too much to bear, and she'd hate for anything to ruin that.

"Okay, um, l-lots of questions," Coleen said, punctuating her sentence with a half-staged giggle in order to show she wasn't really all that stressed out. Just, so many new people and meeting them all at once could be a bit of a strain. In a few minutes the novelty of her being the new girl would wear out, she prayed, and she could be right on that couch or in a comfy chair or... gosh, somewhere, relaxing and talking about music. "How about I answer those in reverse order?"

Coleen pointed a finger on each hand at Cameron. "Pterodactyl," she told her, then switched the direction to BB. Her fingers hung in pause. "I, uh... musical stuff. You know, like... some opera, stage numbers. Also like some soft rock, maybe a little pop... um... but I want to expand!" She added that last bit as her one uncovered eye desperately read BB's face. "I'll listen to anything you want to subject me to. Absolutely anything. O-Open mind and all that!"

Finally she turned back to Vanessa, trying to wear her friendliest smile. What was it that Vanessa did again?

Ooooooh shit, I really hope Cam talked about this...

"I'm, uh... I'm a singer," Coleen said meekly.
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