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Cameron mimed smoking a joint as Vanessa explained what they did in the desert. "Gives you a killer tan too." She muttered, moving over to one side and leaning against the stairs. So far things were going well; no one had immediately decided Coleen couldn't be there which was always great.

Then Vanessa asked what instrument Coleen played, and BB asked what music she liked. They were the standard questions people got asked. General music stuff. It was a good way of gauging people though, especially asking what they liked to listen to. It helped give you an idea of their personality. Obviously it didn't tell you everything about their personality but you could make some assumptions. Now that Cameron thought about it she didn't know what style of music Coleen actually liked either. It seemed like a pretty big thing to forget to ask...especially since she was asking Coleen to join her band. That was alright though, she could find out a long with the others. It would be a fun surprise.

"And what's your favorite dinosaur?" Cameron looked at the others and shrugged. "Just while we're asking questions."
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