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Jonathan listened as Alex was telling him and Michael the rules and he nodded as if he understood them. Well, he did understand them. Of course. He winced at the idea of doing melee. Melee wasn't something that he was fond of doing. But he guessed it was okay if they were just going to do it for tonight. He wasn't going to let it bother him. He was interested in doing this. Heck, maybe he would enjoy doing this so much that he would like to do it another time in the future. Who knows? Alex then said something about whether they needed to borrow some goggles from him or not.


He knew that he had forgotten something. He had left his goggles on the desk in his bedroom at home. Damn. He had been in such a rush to get here that he had forgot to picked up the protection for his eyes. He kind of felt a bit ashamed for that. But he couldn't let it get him down. Since Alex was offering to let them borrow some, there was no harm in asking to borrow a pair of goggles from him. He would give them back afterwards.

Before Jonathan could say anything to take Alex up on his offer, Michael suddenly started to ramble a lot. That was fine. Jonathan was used to Michael talking a lot. It didn't really bother him. He was more of a listener than a talker anyway. Sometimes. Michael mentioned something about Robocop. Jonathan remembered that he still needed to watch that one. Then Michael mentioned something about Ben Fields. Ben Fields..... Jonathan wasn't sure how to feel about that guy. So he mostly tried to stay away from Ben. Then Michael say some things about videos that he watched. Okay, that sounded cool. Jonathan also wished that Darius would come too. It would be great to have the gang to play paintballing together. Oh, Michael had brought his own mask. Now he was feeling more embarrassed about being the only one who forgot to bring his goggles along with him. Hah. Modelling career. That was funny to Jonathan and he couldn't help but chuckle a little.

Jonathan glanced over at Alex and decided that he had to get it over with. "Is it alright if I borrow a pair of your goggles, Alex? I was in such a rush to get here. And well, I left my goggles on my desk by mistake."
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