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Well, now introductions are outta the way, the conversation got a whole lot easier. Michael relaxed his posture, his speech pattern becoming faster paced, and less forced. "Ehhh, so if we get it in the leg we hobble around like Emil in robocop? Sounds fun to me man ;b-b-but wait a second, how's melee gonna work?" Michael didn't catch on too quick to that one, as he was thinking of the stereotypical fps gun-smack that's prevalent in those works. " I don't think melee's a good idea, y'know, I'm kinda a hard hitter man, you know what I mean?" He chuckled. "Ben Field woulda told you that one if he wasn't too afraid of admittin' a faggot knocked him on his ass." Of course, that fight wasn't nearly as one-sided as Michael had told, rather it was slamming each other into the bathroom stalls, and swinging their arms violently at each other's faces until a teacher heard the ruckus and sent them both home for a week. No one really won or had the upper hand in it.

Before Michael could get too caught up in reminiscing the highlights of last year, common sense slapped him in the face like it should have before he made the stupid questions. "Oh yeah, don' we like, ehhh jus' say, 'surrender' or 'bang bang' or some shit if we're behind them, an' we don' feel like shootin' 'em up point blank? Coz' in da youtube vids I watched, most of' 'em did that shit, unless the fucker cheated of course; then they jus' lit 'em up, eheheheh." And he rewarded himself with another stupid question. Goddamn he was good at saying stupid shit. Michael quickly changed the subject, maybe he just wasn't that good at talking to new people.

'But uhh yeah, I invited 'D earlier, but Iunno if he's gonna show or not, it's your call really. Heh, Maybe he's worried 'dat his dye-job will make 'em an easy target ya' know?" Michael hoped Darius would show up, nothing better than more people pegging each other with bright painful balls of acrylic paint. Were paint balls filled with acrylic? Fuck if Mike knew, he wasn't a goddamn artist. "An' uhhh thanks for da offer, but I brought my own mask, gotta keep my visage fuckin' pretty, ya know." He pulled out a generic black paintball mask out of the bag he brought. " I mean, how else am I gonna kick start my modelin' career, eh?" He waved his eyebrows towards Jonathan.

Michael shrugged again, smiling. "But yeah man, we're ready when you're ready man; hell I been ready all week, you know?" Michael put the paintball mask on, pushing it up over his forehead so it didn't quite cover his face yet. " All on you, man."
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