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"Daily grind's always the worst. It's times like this I wish I had, like, some sort of weird watch that you spin it forward and time skips ahead." But if he did that, what would happen to the him that was skipped over? Would they just auto-work? Would they still be bored? Would his consciousness then murder the other one once time stopped skipping ahead? That was some fucked up shit. If people all had time-winding watches that would be cool, though.

His mind got back on track at the ice-cream order. "That's a good choice. Coming right up."

As he shuffled around to where the relevant ice-creams were, other people ended.

First one was Isaac. Isaac was a dick. Danny tried not to say this to his face, but he was a fucking dick. Sometimes he picked on Danny's brother, and that shit was not on. Danny was totally going to stand up against the brother-bulliers one day. One day. He just... needed to prepare.

"Hey." His tone came off as surly, so Danny coughed lightly and said, "I mean, hi!" And that sounded excruciatingly fake-happy. Fuck it.

Second person, Danny wasn't so familiar with. He'd seen her around, but he couldn't really recall where. Oskar filled in her name, thankfully.

"Hey, Candice. One chocolate coming right up, after I get Oskar's thing." After he said it, Danny recalled that Isaac had been there first, but fuck it, he should have been faster with his choices. Danny located the scoop and started serving up Oskar's ice-cream.
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