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Oskar chuckled softly at Danny’s pun, delicately clapping his hands together in appreciation for the his jest. He’d always appreciated the other boy’s humour, and it was so good to have to someone around who was willing to part with a joke or two – especially when he hadn’t entered the store in the most spectacular of moods. As he grinned back at Danny and formulated a reply to his query, though, he could already feel his emotions being buoyed.

“Yep, things are excellent! I’ve not got much on today, so I thought a nice trip into town would be the perfect recipe for something exciting! How about you? I hope the daily grind’s not been too harsh on you.”

Almost forgetting the secondary purpose behind entering the parlour, Oskar’s eyes lit up as he hurriedly perused the multicoloured selection of creamy treats laid out before him. “Oh! And could I get a double scoop of chocolate and raspberry ripple, please?” He grinned as he spoke, absently sifting through his messenger bag to pull out of the coinage he’d need.

It didn’t take long before another of his classmates entered: Isaac Brea, someone with whom he was similarly lacking in a strong acquaintance. He’d heard a few tales of the boys antics, and watched him a few times performing in talent shows in the like with his brother, Frederick. Isaac’s twin was someone he adored spending time with, for he was pleasantly laidback and had an amazing voice. Honestly, Oskar couldn’t help but wish it was him who’d walked through the doors instead – it would’ve saved him the anxiety over interacting with someone he didn’t know too much about. Ordinarily, he knew just how to adjust the way he conveyed himself to suit whomever he was with at the time, but when it was with someone who was almost a mystery to him, he’d have to do it on the fly.

Figuring it’d be best to start off with his trademark exuberance, Oskar gave the other boy a sparkling grin and offered him a “Hey Isaac!", hoping it would be enough of an initial foundation.

And as luck would have it, yet another loose acquaintance of his entered shortly afterwards; Candice Banks, a junior whose sheer enthusiasm for singing made up for the fact that Oskar honestly didn’t really like the way her voice sounded. It could’ve been worse, though – there were a lot more people to whom it was much harder to dish out compliments. And if he could apply the same veneer to Isaac he usually managed with Candance, maybe things wouldn’t be too hard after all.

"Hey Candice!” He chirped, giving an obligatory greeting before picking up on the similarity between their orders. “Ooh, chocolate, aye? That’s my favourite!”
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