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Luckily, it seemed Bryony's parents weren't the issue, but her sister was. Alice vaguely recalled hearing Bethany's name come up before, at school if nowhere else. She didn't seem like a particularly problematic student, but if she was upsetting Bryony so much...

Ugh. Bullying was just...ugh. Especially among family members. Alice got picked on a lot by Molly when she was younger, and it was so difficult to speak out to her parents. Appeasing Molly was a source for so many of her decisions even now, it was kind of scary. Alice wondered sometimes how things might've been different if she were the oldest sibling.

That was not the point, though. The point was helping her friend. "Bryony, it's okay. You know Molly, my big sister? She did a lot of the same stuff, I think. It's hard to deal with, I know."

Alice paused for a moment. There had to be something specific here, some particular event that led to this fear, right? It could just be mounting dread, but she suspected otherwise. "What has she said to you?" She asked quietly, leaning towards Bryony a little.
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