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And then people wanted more of what he was thinking of, which was a problem since Jeremy didn’t have more of what he was thinking of. Like, come on, he had only come up with the idea literally two minutes ago, it wasn’t like he’d have a whole plot summary of the story by then. He did have an audience though. Admittedly, it could be a better audience. Samuel was an ok dude, but what he was thinking of probably wasn’t refined enough for Adelaide’s tastes. Oh well, he’d just have to convince her. Who knows? Maybe she actually liked the things that a lowly commoner would.

“I kinda literally came up with this idea like, two minutes ago, so I don’t really know anything about the plot so far; but I think I might make it a little deconstruction of the edgy teen novels that make up the mainstream nowadays. I dunno how, but that’s a cool enough road to go down.” How would he do that, though? He’d have to do a little bit of research on the topic to figure out how. He remembered Thirteen, how the main character was treated heroically despite basically being a mass murderer. That was something he could work with. There was also the issue that the author didn’t know how teenagers spoke despite being a school principal, but he couldn’t really twist that into anything good at all.

“Maybe I’ll play with the idea of morality a little bit. The people in the books are considered heroes for killing people, but in the real world they’d be criminals. That’s a direction we could go down.”
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