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Alex was eying the abandoned field, chewing his upper lip and wondering if he'd made a mistake. Their was enough light leaking in from the lamps along the road that the arena of leaning fences and stacked tires was cast in harsh shadows, but it was still very dim. Maybe this was a mistake. He couldn't learn what he was doing if he-

A truck rolled in to the parking lot. Alex tensed, his mind filled with a half-dozen paranoid fight scenes (grab his paintball gun, aim for the eyes and the windshield, what if they came at him with a knife, what if-"

I could say day, and you'd say night...
tell me it's black when I know that it's white...

Alex relaxed and hummed under his breath, "S'always the same, it's just a shame, that's all..."

Michael stepped out of the truck and said his stumbling piece. Alex smiled at the short, stout figure. "You're the one doing me a favor, Mike," he said. "Thanks for showing up."

At the same time, Gulley (who Alex always vaguely thought of as Fern) strode out of the darkness, punky blonde hair standing out against the night. Alex was beginning to feel uncomfortably tall. Did short people have a preference for paintball? Strange, if so.

"Hey F..." Alex trailed off and pretended to cough so Gulley wouldn't hear him mispronouncing his name. "John. Yeah, just us so far. If anyone else shows, well...hopefully, we'll see'em. Besides, just the three of us might work better." He smiled a little. "It's my first time, too." He examined the equipment and started eying the park again. "My whole plan was just to get a feel for these things. I was gonna play with boffer rules; limb shot just takes out the limb, two limb shots, chest shots, or headshots means you're out until the next round, you can melee if you want to." He tapped the plastic package of goggles. "You guys got some or do you need some of mine?"
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