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((BB Gunnerson continued from The First Mistake))

BB was sitting off to one side on the floor, busy tuning her bass, when the new girl came in. Everyone started talking louder which made it pretty hard to make out the notes since she had her amp dialed way down low. She didn't really like leaving this sort of thing half done, but when introductions went around she at least looked up and said, "Hey," and gave a nod. She was allowed to be cool and reserved if she felt like it—she was, after all, the bass player.

Coleen wasn't someone BB really knew well. Sure, BB had seen the girl around school. She was pretty hard not to remember, with how her face was jacked up, but the novelty wore after about the third time glimpsing her. She was here now and that was pretty cool. As long as she was going to make some music with them or sit off to the side and not be a nuisance while they were making music and save any goofing around or making out with band members or whatever until practice was done or at least on pause, her presence was fine. BB was pretty sure Coleen was supposed to contribute today or something but hadn't paid that much attention; when the information had been imparted to her she'd been busy trying to explain who Scott Walker was and why anyone should still give a fuck.

Vanessa made a bit of a faux pas with her nickname for Coleen, but it wasn't like BB had never said anything dumb to a new acquaintance. Vanessa had her heart in the right place, mostly, just not always her tongue. It didn't seem like Coleen was going to turn around and walk right back out, so all was still good. Vanessa even took a shot at redeeming herself by asking what Coleen played. That was a line of discussion BB could get behind.

"And what sort of stuff do you like to listen to?" she asked, looking up from her bass for a second before turning the peg to tighten her A string.
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