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A teenage vigilante? Really?

Adelaide sighed. So much for Mr. Frasier rising above her expectations. It basis itself was cliche, and from the sound of it he had no idea where his story was going beyond that. It sounded like a fantasy he had wrote up and was attempting to make a reality. He was probably thinking he was clever and original, despite much of popular modern media focusing on teenagers who went against The Man.

She looked over at Jerry and also felt herself grow more and more unimpressed with her classmates. People who forgot to bring the basic tools of the classroom and relied on someone else to cover them were just irritating. she half hoped Samuel would not give him the pen. Have him learn the lesson so he wouldn't come to class unprepared again.

"Anything else in your blue prints?" Adelaide directed her focus back on Jeremy, less of actually wondering what the boy had thought up and more of a challenge to see if he would take the bait. It could help mend the ennui she was feeling.
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