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Vanessa instantly picked up on Coleen’s embarrassment over the nickname that had been used, though Coleen wasn't exactly making that difficult to do. A wave of awkwardness washed over her when she realised that, no, maybe not everyone wanted to be recognised by their messed up face.

She chose not to say anything, however, as Cameron went around doing introductions, though she offered a nod when she was pointed to. If Coleen had an issue with it, then she’d apologise immediately, but she wasn’t about to make a scene if Coleen didn’t. Just call it a social fuck-up this time, and move on. Maybe Coleen already had.

“Yeah, we go out in the desert and get inspired by all kinds of shit.” She answered for Cameron, getting up off the sofa and stretching out a little. She’d been lying there for almost an hour now. “I drive us out there, we hang around and practice or talk about music or whatever; it’s a pretty kickass way to spend the day.”

She approached the two, giving Coleen a friendly smile in the hopes of disarming any lingering tension. If offense had been taken over the nickname, then it needed to be fixed before it got worse. She wasn’t trying to make her feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, after all.

“So, what do you play, Coleen?”
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