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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Meeting new people was always something of an awkward experience, yet Cameron had a fashion of making it seem so casual, so lah-zay-dah. Coleen truly appreciated this quality in her and, to a point, already considered Cameron a friend. With her efforts, it wouldn't be too long before...

“Scarface? That’s who you were talking about?”

Coleen chomped down on her lip and tucked her chin, letting her hair fall over the side of her face until she was absolutely sure EVERYTHING to do with the left hemisphere was good and gone. Cameron didn't say anything to the girl in response. For a moment Coleen wanted to protest this but... well, no, maybe it was best that it went unaddressed. The quicker that whole ordeal was swept under the rug, the quicker everybody could move on. It was possible that they could still all be friends, even the girl who just identified her by her disfiguration.

Cameron identified BB, probably the only person in the basement that Coleen had never seen for any decent period of time, as the band's bassist. She was surprised to learn that Brady was the drummer, looking his way once or twice and recognizing him as 'pretty cute', but never thinking about him beyond that. Vanessa was probably the one that Coleen knew best... and, of course, she was the one that had to go and say that. Surely she didn't do so out of cruelty; it was just how this band, this group, treated things... all without a care and such. With all that said, it was going to make things a little awkward how she was the girl Coleen was supposed to replace as the singer. Well, she still had lead guitar, right?

"I-It sounds awesome," Coleen nervously said with a smile. "... Wait. Hold on a second. The desert?"
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