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Cameron nodded at Vanessa's question, a big grin plastered across her face. "Yep. Coleen, this is Peyote Coyote." She threw her free arm out in an expansive gesture of the three people in front of them. "There's Vanessa, our lead guitarist and current vocalist. Brady our drummer slash token guy and BB who is the bassist." She pointed to each of her friends in turn as she told Coleen their names, and then turned her finger towards herself. "And I'm the rhythm guitarist known as Cameron."

Honestly the reaction to Coleen wasn't earth-shattering. It was lacklustre, but Cameron couldn't blame the others. They hadn't actually heard Coleen sing. So they had no idea what she was capable of. That was why Cameron had to sell Coleen to them. If she didn't they'd never agree to let Coleen join the band and then the band would never be able to breakthrough to the next level. Peyote Coyote was a good band and somewhat well-known on the local scene but they were never the band people turned up to see. It was more like a pleasant surprise for the crowd whenever they were booked.

Granted they had a small section of regular fans that were really into their stuff, which was the part Cameron found the coolest. The core group of fans that showed up to see them. Not one of the bands they were supporting but to actually see Peyote Coyote. Cameron tried to go near them whenever she ended up near the front of the crowd but some nights it was easier than others.

"Basically we chill out here, or in the desert, and come up with ideas, jam or just listen to music." Cameron let go of Coleen's hand so the other girl had the freedom to move again. "It's awesome." She said, her pride seeping into her voice.
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