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So Jeremy aspired to be an author as well. Interesting. Samuel only had a brief moment to get a good look at the paper, and all that was on it so far was several bulleted lists. Jeremy did say he was still sorting through concepts, so he might just be jotting down ideas and letting them condense into a story.

Jeremy had given them a bare-bones description of the story. Harry Potter could also be summarized as "a kid goes to a magic school," but it was just so much more than that. But at the stage Jeremy was in, it might not be anything past that.

But it didn't hurt to ask.

Samuel nodded. "Sounds interesting. You got anything past that?" he asked. Jerry asked for a pen, and Jeremy didn't have anything. Samuel sighed, reached down into his backpack and fished out a blue ballpoint he kept on him.

"Here you go"

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