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Oh god. She hadn’t explained her situation clearly in the slightest, and now Alice was jumping to conclusions. Well, of course she was! Who wouldn’t think that Bryony had a problem with her family as a whole with such a vague and cryptic statement? Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

Now Bryony was acutely aware of everyone else in the café and of how loud her breathing was. She was sure people were staring at her, staring at the panicking girl in the middle of the café. Oh god, she was panicking, wasn’t she? She was panicking over something small and stupid and making her friend worry in the process for no reason.

Bryony covered her mouth with one hand, and placed her other hand on her elbow. She closed her eyes and forced herself to take deep, slow, shaky breaths. She had to calm down. She wasn’t helping anybody with this, not Alice, not herself. She wasn’t worrying about nothing. Her worries were valid. She’d never told anybody this before. Of course it wouldn’t be easy. It was a deeply personal thing, and until recently, she hadn’t even been told most people vaguely personal facts about herself.

Deep breaths. In, out.

Stay calm.

Bryony opened her eyes again. No-one was looking at her aside from Alice. She took one, last, deep breath before speaking again.

“N-No… sorry Alice, um, it’s not like that… really…”

Bryony let out a deep sigh, turning to look outside with her arms folded. She felt very small, even smaller than usual. She hadn’t even noticed that there were tears in her eyes and that her glasses had slipped down her nose until now. She pushed them back up before speaking again.

“It’s nothing to do with my parents, um, if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s… it’s my sister. Everything she says to me, everything she does, it’s just so, um… she says it’s just teasing, but… b-but…”


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