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Fiyori waited like 16 or 17 days, or maybe only a few seconds until another girl brought salvation from guilt. Rene, the chubby ghost of Kingman. Oh no, that kinda sounded mean, but Fiyori held no ill will against her. They just weren't particularly close and so Fiyori's brain just goes "oh yes, this is chubby ghost" whenever she saw her. Yes, terrible. Fiyori doesn't recall ever saying this to her face. Figured she'd take it with grace though. Rene had this strange habit of commenting on people all the time. Said a lot of funny stuff, got Fiyori laughing.

Either way, it was Rene who eventually broke the "silence" and asked what was going on in the magical DS.

Her answer was brief and dry. Animal Crossing. Fiyori heard of it. Didn't play it though. Penelope, not particularly good at hiding her sourness, gave a further explanation. Fiyori looked over to the pair, listened, and eventually decided that the game was boring after all.

Another girl sat down, who was called Astrid and was probably from planet Earth. Fiyori glanced over, and nodded.
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