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Alba let her mind drift around as she worked on the frosting. The frosting wasn't too difficult to make, and she made sure the ingredients were measured properly. But it gave her time to think about golf team and roller derby. The practices she needed to go to, the games she had to play, and the anticipation for all of the above were what flooded her mind. So of course, it would come to be that she remained quiet and out of the way of the guys until the cake was ready.

"Alright!" she shouted when Alvaro pulled the cake out.

It looked and smelled amazing. She grinned in excitement as he set the cake out. Alba started to think about how good it would taste. She also remembered that it would taste even better with her frosting on it.

"Okay, so let's get to frosting."

Alba walked over to the fridge and pulled the frosting out. She let it cool in the fridge while the cake was baking. She hoped the guys would be cool with her decorating the cake.
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