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((Vanessa Stone continued from Pitches))

Vanessa was horizontal, sank into the couch with her feet resting on the table, her boots appetisingly placed right next to the chips. She was fiddling with her guitar, strumming a tune that didn’t really go anywhere, as she waited for Cameron to return.

Cams was pretty excited about the new gal she wanted to introduce, whoever it was. Vanessa had been pretty spaced out when she’d brought it up, if she’d brought it up, but it was whatever. Cams had good taste, and although she thought PC had a pretty killer line-up already, she trusted her BFF enough to know a good opportunity when she saw it.

Well, as long as Cams idea wasn’t like, a banjo player or something. There was being experimental, and then there was maintaining the band’s image. Maybe it was a new keyboardist? No harm in having one of those around full time, she reckoned.

So it was that Vanessa didn’t really have any presumptions about what to expect when Coleen was finally pulled down into the basement, not that Vanessa could remember her name. Yeah, it wasn’t the first time she’d seen Coleen (she stuck out, obviously), but the two hadn’t really had any reason to talk much in the past.

Oh well, that’s what nicknames were for.

“Scarface? That’s who you were talking about?”
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