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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Hey Kami!

I think Emma wouldn’t mind Jeremy. His more sarcastic moments only come towards people he hates or in a totally meta sarcastic way (fake mocking, for the most part). I can also personally promise that he won’t say anything in the vein of his cock steaming comment, so that should be good enough for her.

Junko seems fine, I’m actually pretty sure at one point we considered making a thread where Jeremy beats the shit out of her in SF4, or something.

And Jeremy would be totally down for getting critique. She’d need to do it over a digital medium because Jeremy finds it hard to take criticism until like five minutes after he’s first seen it but I’m pretty sure the two would be cool with each other.

Vacanti’s makes p.good coffee, so I’d imagine that she’d come a few times. Would she talk to Alvaro while she’s there?

BLOOD. BLOOD AND CAKE. But yeah, I’m down for even a totally one-sided rivalry, depending on how much Junko cares about her mom’s restaurant

Would Ems talk to Alvaro while she’s there?

How open would Junko be about her thinking Ben’s a hypocrite?

Ems and Jennifer would work fine, but would Ems hold a grudge if he comments against the Luzzes?
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