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Why haven't we discussed planning stuff? We should do it.


I remember discussing a memory sex ed thread with Ems over Skype (I haven't logged on lately because computer goes "bleh" at Skype right now), and you expressed interest in that. I think they would know each other from orchestra/band as well. Thing is, I'm not sure if she'd particularly like or dislike him. On one hand, she would find him kind of funny at times. She'd also like that he's a smart guy, as well. On the other, I'd imagine that she'd also occasionally get frustrated with him and his sarcastic moments. Also, if he makes another "steaming cock" type comment in front of her, I'd imagine this to be her reaction. I guess that could be their dynamic? *shrug*

He might know Junko, too, seeing as they're both pranky gamer types. I don't see them being spectacularly close, but they might at least know each other? Maybe?

Oh, and I offered this to RC, I offered it to Prim, and now I'm offering it to you: Jennifer is a writer/aspiring journalist. She's also a meticulous critic. While she tries to be polite, she's the type who will get finicky and will tell you if she finds something wrong with your work. It's possible that she may have critiqued something he's written in the past, though probably more because of it being an assignment (since he isn't in the Writing Club) or if he's willingly given it to her to critique on their own time. It'd be up to you how he'd react to that if we do this. I think she'd snark back if he got sarcastic with her, as well.


Right off the bat, I can say this: yeah, Jennifer's probably come into Vacanti's a few times, depending on how good their coffee is. As we all know, Jennifer has a bit of a problem with caffeine. While she usually brews it at home, I'd imagine she'd pop in a few times to get some as a treat. I'd also imagine that she'd trust Vacanti's more than Cheryl's, mostly due to the food poisoning incidents. As for how she'd see him as a person, I think she would see him as a nice enough boy who is a little jittery and anxious, but likable.

I remember discussing how Vacanti's and Bread + Circuses (the bakery cafe that one of Junko's moms own) could be competitors. While I remember the conversation descending into "Alvaro's gonna kill Junko" style comments, I think we can play around with the competitor angle a bit. Thoughts on that?

He might know Emma since she's Lily's cousin, as well. I think she'd also pop in to Vacanti's on occasion as well, though not as often. But, like Jennifer, she'd trust it a bit more than Cheryl's because she doesn't like food poisoning.


Junko will hate hate haaaaaaaate him. She'll see him as a complete and utter hypocrite, who goes on about anti-bullying but is a homophobe. Him being athletic would warm him up to her a bit, but not by much. Homophobia's a deal-breaker for her, even when he does help LGBT who are being bullied.

Ems would be a bit nicer, though. I'd imagine she'd frowny-face if he ever makes a particularly unpleasant comment about gay people, but, as I've said in the past: I'd picture her to be the kind of person who wouldn't know a whole ton about sexuality/gender issues outside of being related to Lily and Haley (and Sabrina if she ever finds out about that), so she wouldn't get as angry as Junko as long as it isn't directed towards them. That's when you'll get her anger. I think she'd appreciate his efforts at anti-bullying, though; she'd see if as making the school even better. They might know each other through Cris, too. And he's a smart guy, which she'd approve of.

Jennifer would be somewhat similar to Ems: frowny-face at homophobia, but she'd appreciate that he's a good student. I don't see a huge amount here, though, sadly. ):

Thoughts? Ems finally has a profile on the site now, BTW.

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