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"Man, I fuckin' love snow..."
Michael walked through the snow covered streets with Jonathan Gulley, the plan was to go on a quick snack run to the closest Exxon to grab some chips, maybe some mountain dew, and come back to unlock that damn bull run level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It would have been quicker had Michael taken his motorcycle or his father's truck, but Michael had never driven on snow, and he wasn't quite sure if there was ice on the road or not, so that left one option. Struttin' it.

Damn, this was an awkward walk though, not much talking. Well, better bring out the bombs. "Dude, I forgot to tell you earlier man, so a couple days ago, I was drivin' to 'da fuckin' gas station, right?" Michael started off pretty well, creating fabricated incidents that sounded real were a good trait of his. Could feed a politician bullshit and they'd believe it. "So, I go in there right, gotta fill up my bike 'an shit, so anyways, earlier on the road, I passed this fuckin' ugly ass Prius up right, revved my engine, y'know, fuckin' wit' 'em."

The story wasn't complete bullshit, he DID pass up a Prius, rev his engine, and throw a "polite" gesture at them involving the center finger of his right hand, but you know, they drove a Prius, they deserve that treatment.

"So this Prius parks right next to me right?"

Now here's the good part. Also known as the part that didn't happen, but Jonathan didn't know that. Or, maybe he did, he wasn't letting him onto it though if he did.

"So the door opens up right, an' this fat ass old bitch walks out, like fuck, she was huge, and coming out of a Prius, you know those damn things are like fuckin' clown cars man, she must'a filled out both front seats or somethin' like, Jesus fuck man!"

Alright, got the hook set up, time to reel it in!

"She fuckin' walks right up ta' me, like fuck, the ground was shakin' I was almost afraid y'know?" "Almost as if I pissed off Tumblr!Carrie or somethin' right?" "So she walks up an'- hold up waidda minute!"
Michael noticed one of his buddies, Darius (Couldn't miss that dye job!) hiding behind a car. Not only that, but two others, Jeremy, and another guy, Nate I think? Michael wasn't sure, but what he was sure of was that his friend Darius, had just lobbed a snowball at the group. "Shit, a good old fashioned snowball fight? Fuck it, count me an' Johnny in I suppose." Mike thought to himself.

He crouched over, picking up a mound of snow, rolling it in his hands. "Two versus one don' seem to fair, eh?" Michael turned to Jonathan. "Why'ehh why don't we ehh, even the odds a lil', ya'know?" Michael moved down to flank the two going for his pal. "Whaddya say, Johnny boy?" He prepared to lob his white ice ball weapon of mass destruction. His only wish is that somebody nearby would start playing "Rise of the Valkries".
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