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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen jumped just a little bit when the door opened. Cameron almost immediately called her out on being so nervous, which was to be expected. It seemed to be offset by her usual brand of vibrant... friendliness, maybe? Cameron wasn't what Coleen would describe as a sweet girl but she was nice enough. 'Chill', maybe. Seemed like a good word.

Coleen stepped through the doorway, took a second or two to look around, and was about to remark on Cameron's... unique description for her hand when a hand clamped down over her wrist and began excitedly walking away with its owner.

"O-Oh, okay!" Coleen said, having to go with the flow, taking stuttering steps after Cameron. She caught up near the basement door, using the railing so she wouldn't fall down like a putz and take Cam with her.
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