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((Cameron Herrig continued from The Black River))

Cameron had been gently strumming on her guitar when there was a knock on the door of the house. The band were already in her basement for a regular jam/practice session, whatever people liked to call what they did when they got together...besides a mess. It was a good mess though, a mess of ideas, some workable, some not. But having a tornado of ideas was better than no ideas.

That was when she heard a knock on the door. She thought she had heard something. "Alright guys I'll be back in a sec, got a surprise for you all." Heading up and out of the basement Cameron was glad that for once her parents were both out. They tended to kill the atmosphere whenever they were around, just with the uncomfortable silences and general awkwardness. They had stopped arguing as much at least; Cameron guessed she was glad of that.

Padding down the hallway in her bare feet Cameron felt a tingle of excitement. She was going to introduce Coleen to the rest of the band. After going to the other girl's show Cameron had fallen in love with her singing. It had an amazing sound to it that Cameron thought was unique. She was certain the others were going to be as enamored with it as she was. All Coleen had to do was sing like she did on stage and they'd have a fix to the biggest problem in the band.

Cameron opened the door the door with a grin. "Welcome to where I keep my madness," She cocked her head to one side. "Don't look so nervous, we don't eat people." She waved Coleen inside. "Come on, we're in the basement." Cameron grinned again. "It's where the magic happens."

Grabbing Coleen by the hand, Cameron practically dragged her down to the basement.
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