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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Coleen Reagan, continued from some intermittent events))

She pulled anxiously at her skirt.

No matter how many times she tugged or adjusted, something just didn't seem to sit right. Logically, she knew everything was fine with her clothing. Her mind just had to manifest something wrong physically to explain why something just wasn't working emotionally.

I'm supposed to be here. I was invited.

So it was true; Cameron had invited Coleen to her house to meet up with her band. It was a strange request. At least, Coleen figured it to be somewhat strange at the time. After their bumping into each other at Cheryl's, Coleen invited Cameron and Enza to last Thursday's performance of Fiddler on the Roof. She had been expecting to foster an interest in theatre and, just maybe, wanted to show off to somebody other than her circle of friends in the theatre program. Instead, it led her here, standing awkwardly at another girl's doorstep, wondering if she really should knock on that door.

Her hand decided for her, knuckles rapping slightly, timidly.

Shoot shoot shoot, that wasn't loud enough. She'll never hear me. I'm going to be outside forever like an idiot.

She knocked harder.

Crap, it's only been like... two seconds! They're going to think I'm a weirdo! You're acting like a weirdo! Shoot shoot shoot! OoooooooOOOOoooooh...

Coleen squinted her eyes shut.
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