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Alice nodded cautiously. Bryony was clearly distraught, and she didn't want to assume or misunderstand her friend's intentions. Still, her thoughts started racing, most of them rather outlandish. Bryony's family, last Alice had heard, were perfectly unremarkable, and Alice wasn't entirely sure what might cause her to avoid them. Perhaps she'd perpetrated some kind of offense and couldn't bear to face them?

That seemed improbable. Bryony was hardly the type to get involved in something irresponsible or unsavory. Maybe some kind of falling out had happened? More plausible, but hard to picture. Alice couldn't see her friend fighting with someone. This unconfrontational nature was something she had in common with Bryony. Even thinking of arguing with someone made Alice feel sick.

Still. Bryony was willing to open up to her, and Alice needed to help.

Slowly, Alice said, "I see. Do you feel safe there? Because if you're scared, you can come stay at my place if you need to." She didn't want to be inquisitorial, so letting Bryony explain the situation at her own pace seemed logical.
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