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((Candice Banks Pregame Start!))

Candice loved ice cream. She loved digging into a tub of some chocolate goodness, while she watched Jane the Virgin on the couch. Perhaps it wasn't the healthiest thing to do, but for Candice, it was one of the most enjoyable things to do. Perhaps it couldn't measure up to singing or acting, but more than a lot of other things, Candice enjoyed it. For her, when she first ate ice cream, it wasn't exactly heavenly, but until she got up to those pearly white gates, she would consider it quite close.

Candice hummed as she entered Diamondback, wearing a purple t-shirt, jeans, along with flip-flops. Her shoes sharply clacked as she entered, and the ring of the bell above the door, echoed a bit in her ears, but she ignored it. She was here! Ice cream was here, she had money in her wallet, and it was burning in her back pocket.

Walking to the counter, she saw two guys, and...Candice was fairly sure that person was a guy, but she wasn't entirely sure. However, she felt that her mood was lifted just by being here, and walked up to the guy at the counter, with a bounce in her step. It may have been more like a limp, but for now, Candice was just going to be getting some ice cream, and nothing would stop her.

Taking a moment to glance at the flavors, Candice walked up to the counter, and started to grin. "Hi! So, could I get one scoop of the chocolate?" She continued to smile, and also started to re-tie her hair.

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